Sterling Silver® Premium Pork offers an unprecedented
approach to pork with characteristics previously available
only with fine cuts of beef. Raised in the heart of pork
country on Midwest farms, all Sterling Silver
Premium Pork cuts are hand-selected and color-graded
to ensure premium quality and delicious, juicy flavor.

36% more tender than regular pork.

Hand-selected for coloring that guarantees a consistent product every time.

A superior pork that?s always full of flavor and is guaranteed tender and juicy.

Carefully sourced from Midwest farms in the heart of pork country.

Sterling Silver All-Natural Premium Pork has 50% greater marbling than ordinary pork. And because it?s 100% natural, there?s nothing to get between you and your culinary intentions.

Marbling is the white flecks of fat within the muscle that melt into the meat and combine with other natural juices as it cooks to provide superior flavor and juiciness. Sterling Silver All-Natural Premium Pork is well above the average marbling score, making it much more tender than its competition.

It just doesn't get any better. Sterling Silver All-Natural Premium Pork is 100 percent natural, with no added hormones, preservative or additives of any kind. And it's meticulously hand-selected for consistent color, tenderness and juiciness.

As part of Cargill, you can rely on our world-class reputation for delivering consistent, premium quality products every time. Sterling SilverŪ Premium Meats guarantee each and every product to be tender, juicy and flavorful or your money back.

Sterling Silver Signature Chef Todd Mark Miller featured on the Early Show. View now.

Chef Todd Mark Miller
Executive Chef


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