Sterling SilverŪ Premium Beef consists of only Prime
and top tier Choice grain-fed beef cattle. Rich in
marbling and aged to perfection, our premium beef
is carefully sourced from the North American Great
Plains and hand-selected for optimal quality. The
results are unsurpassed cuts of beef that provide
exceptional flavor, tenderness and juiciness . . . as
well as unforgettable dining experiences.

Marbling is the white flecks of fat within the muscle that melt into the meat and combines with other natural juices as it cooks to provide superior flavor and juiciness. Sterling SilverŪ Premium Beef is highly marbled for superior flavor, tenderness and juiciness.

Not all Choice is created equal and the Sterling SilverŪ brand includes only Prime and top tier Choice beef. The selection process is based on grade and quality?not limited to a specific breed.

According to United States Department of Agriculture standards.  Only the top 50% of all beef is graded Choice and only 2% is graded Prime.   Only Prime and the top tier of Choice qualify as Sterling Silver Premium Meats.

Sterling SilverŪ Premium Beef is aged for a minimum of 21 days, which maximizes tenderness and enhances the richness of the flavor.

Sterling SilverŪ Beef is carefully sourced from the North American Great Plains region.

Steaks are certified premium quality by exceeding the exceptionally high criteria for maturing, marbling, color, texture, firmness and absence of defects. [click here for more information about grading]

As part of Cargill, you can rely on our world-class reputation for delivering consistent, premium quality products every time. Sterling SilverŪ Premium Meats guarantee each and every product to be tender, juicy and flavorful or your money back.

Sterling Silver Signature Chef Todd Mark Miller featured on the Early Show. View now.

Chef Todd Mark Miller
Executive Chef


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